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District Commissioner (D.C.)
Kirsten Sisk
0433 022 659



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   Welcome to Woodend Pony Club

    Did you know Woodend Pony Club caters for riders from 4 years old?
    Memberships for 2018/2019 Available!
    Contact Kirsten on 043
3 022 659






































Welcome to Woodend Pony Club!

We are a friendly medium sized club with excellent grounds and an enthusiastic committee of parents dedicated to making pony club a memorable experience for all young people who attend. 

Our club boasts a variety of instructors and great tuition for riders of all levels and ages. The rally activities will cover a diverse range of equestrian skills - flat work/dressage, jumping, games, cross country, horsemanship, navigation, and anything else that can be thought of to provide a broad range of experiences, fun and education to the riders. Whilst due emphasis will be given to providing a solid foundation in the elementary areas of flat work and jumping, the aims of pony club are to provide broad experience, skill and enjoyment.

Rallies are held on the first Sunday of each month, excluding January at our pony club grounds located at Racecourse Reserve, Forest Street, Woodend. The day commences with gear check at 9.30am and activities from 10am to 3.35 pm.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our club please contact our DC - Kirsten Sisk 0433 022 659


WPC policy for use of the grounds outside of rally times. 

Woodend Pony Club grounds (Racecourse Reserve) are now available to our members outside of official rally days. 

Download the policy now so you can enjoy some time at our lovely grounds.

IN SUMMARY.... HOW TO BOOK THE GROUNDS ......  Riders who are paid up members of Woodend Pony Club or a registered user group of Racecourse

Reserve with the appropriate insurances can ride a horse on the facilities. ie. Pony Club parents, friends, members of other riding/pony clubs etc. cannot ride.

Individual insurances such as PCAV, EA, HRCAV are not accepted as these will not cover the legal liability required by Macedon Ranges Shire Council to use the facilities.

The grounds must be booked before you can ride so if you follow the 3 simple steps and use common sense you're away!

1) Check availability on the Calendar - The link to view the calendar is:

https://teamup.com/ksd3642dc427c6f3d2     This link is also accessible from the Racecourse Reserve Facebook Page

2) Make your Booking - must be made through the pony club District Commissioner (Kirsten Sisk) via

phone, email or text advising time of riding, number of riders & contact details.

3) Pickup the Keys – A number of committee members have keys that are available for pick up. All keys

must be returned within 12 hours of use unless otherwise arranged.

Key Contacts:  Kirsten Sisk 0433 022 659



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Meetings are generall held at

on the Wednesday following

each rally...

Contact our Secretary to

confirm if you are interested

in coming along

All members are welcome to attend.

For all details on how to become a member of
Woodend Ponly Club
Click here.

If you have questions regarding becoming a member
please contact
Kirsten Sisk